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Apothecary Bottle Incense Chimney
Apothecary Bottle Incense Chimney

Apothecary Bottle Incense Chimney

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Smooth white stoneware clay is thrown on the wheel and decorated with a skull pattern, apothecary label, and white gold accents.  The incense chimney has metal feet to keep the bottom surface of the chimney off of the surface it is sitting on in case it gets hot during use.

Use common sense when operating this chimney.  Do not overfill.  Never leave unattended.  Do not use near flammable materials.  

Shipped and Insured USPS Priority Mail anywhere in the world.

Gold Luster Manufacturer Guidelines:

Dinnerware Safety:

Gold Luster can be used on surfaces that come into contact with food and drink. Care must be taken to avoid hard scrubbing when washing because of the possibility of scraping off the thin layer of luster.  Treat your gold luster pieces as you would fine china. Although pieces will take repeated washings in a dishwasher, this will cause the luster to eventually wear away.

Note: Pieces decorated with gold luster should NOT be used in microwave ovens.